March 8th Netflix Campaign


Tweet using #SaveBombGirls to @Netflix on March 8th

Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day. Wherever you are and whatever timezone, please make your voice heard! We’re having a mass tweet to @Netflix using the #SaveBombGirls hashtag to show how much we’d like Netflix to pick up the series for a third season.

Can’t tweet on March 8th?

Sign up to Tweetdeck or a similar service and schedule your tweet to go out on March 8th.


If you don’t have a twitter account but have Facebook, make your voice heard there instead by posting on this Netflix page on March 8th.

Want to be a hero?

We know you’re not trying to be heroes, you’re just trying to live your life, but for the bravest among you please email the Netflix execs directly:


NEIL HUNT, Chief Product Officer

TED SARANDOS, Chief Content Officer

Whilst the main focus is the mass tweet to @Netflix on March 8th, we are encouraging all fans to pitch in via whatever medium you can. Do your part, share the graphic above and call other fans up for duty!

Victory waits on your fingers!

(Oh, matron!)

Caption Contest DVD Giveaway!

To keep us going while we await the news of the TV movie airdate, we challenge all Bombshells to a caption contest! Our fav will win a Season One DVD set (region free).

Add your own caption to the image below and email your image with your name to or simply send your caption text to us and we’ll make the best ones into an image.

Multiple entries are accepted. Under 18s can participate but are not eligible to win a prize. Deadline Feb 5th 11:59 PM ET.

Be funny, be creative!

Save Bomb Girls Send Packages to Networks

NW_SBG_05Like the face that launched a thousand ships, Bomb Girls fans protested the cancellation by launching a thousand “Keep Calm and Save Bomb Girls” bandanas in the direction of Global TV. Organized by us but made possible by you, this maneuver sadly failed to warm the hearts of the Global TV execs.

Determined to fight on, team Save Bomb Girls recently moved away from enemy lines and sent four packages to CTV, City, CBC and Netflix. Inside each package was a letter from us, a printed booklet of Rophydoes Top 10 Reasons to Save Bomb Girls and a “Keep Calm and Save Bomb Girls” Victory Bandana.

Please keep writing and emailing these networks. Tell them why you love Bomb Girls and that they should pick up the show for a 3rd season.  Victory starts with you!

Victory Garden Contest Winners

Thank you to all who entered! The aim of the contest was to plant the seed for a 3rd season with other networks since Global will not renew. Whilst we planned to run this contest for several weeks, due to technical difficulties we cannot. Stay tuned while we reevaluate our mission!

We would like to encourage everyone to keep writing and emailing the networks to pick Bomb Girls up. The addresses for CBC, CTV, City and Netflix are here. We also have template texts if you wish to use them or a ‘Save Bomb Girls because…’ card and other postcards you can print and send!

The contest winners are as follows:

1st place – Shutterpunk


2nd place – Izzy31flavors


3rd place – Caitlin


Contest Postponed

Due to technical issues, we regret to inform you that the Victory Garden contest will only run for 1 week. Everyone who has entered is still eligible and we’re extending the deadline until Sat 21st 11.59pm EST for those who might have already written their letters but not yet had a chance to enter.

We will pick one runner up to get a season one DVD set and the overall winner can pick a prize of their choosing from the following: a signed script, signed Maureen Jenning’s novel or Bomb Girls gym bag.

Team SBG will reevaluate the mission and come back stronger than ever! Do not despair, we will not keep the remaining prizes (as much as we’d love to!) but we’ll feature them again when we relaunch.

Please accept our apologies but we’ll be back on the factory line in no time because like Lorna says, “the line waits for no one.”