What we’ve done in the past

Save Bomb Girls sprang to life in April 2013 after Global TV announced the cancellation of the show. Since then, we’ve been running two campaigns to try and sway Global’s decision:

Unfortunately, Global did not change their minds, even after they received 1,000 Victory Bandanas that were sponsored by protesting fans. To wrap up loose ends, Global has committed to a Bomb Girls TV movie that’s currently in the making. It is said to air in winter (which probably means early 2014).

Next we started the Victory Garden campaign to pitch Bomb Girls to other networks to get them to pick up the show and produce a third season. The targets are the Canadian networks CBC, CTV, City, and US-based Netflix, and you can still help us doing so by writing to them.

Our latest activity was the V-MAIL campaign, which was launched to start a repository of thousands of online comments to reinforce the positive response to the show in hopes of another network picking it up. In summer 2014, we sent out a printed version of over 10,000 individual comments (on 600 pages of paper) to the four networks we were targeting for potentially picking up the show or producing more Bomb Girls movies.