Save Bomb Girls Send Packages to Networks

NW_SBG_05Like the face that launched a thousand ships, Bomb Girls fans protested the cancellation by launching a thousand “Keep Calm and Save Bomb Girls” bandanas in the direction of Global TV. Organized by us but made possible by you, this maneuver sadly failed to warm the hearts of the Global TV execs.

Determined to fight on, team Save Bomb Girls recently moved away from enemy lines and sent four packages to CTV, City, CBC and Netflix. Inside each package was a letter from us, a printed booklet of Rophydoes Top 10 Reasons to Save Bomb Girls and a “Keep Calm and Save Bomb Girls” Victory Bandana.

Please keep writing and emailing these networks. Tell them why you love Bomb Girls and that they should pick up the show for a 3rd season.  Victory starts with you!