About Save Bomb Girls

Global TV announced on April 22, 2013 that they cancelled the wonderful Canadian TV show Bomb Girls.

Bomb Girls is a show unique among thousands, bringing to the forefront strong female characters that are rich and layered. Instead of being mere entertainment, Bomb Girls is moving, inspiring, motivating, and impassioning. With brilliant writing, superb acting, and beautiful sets and cinematography, Bomb Girls stands apart from almost every other TV show currently airing.

These are the reasons the fans are are not willing to just accept the cancellation and started fighting for a third season with the Save Bomb Girls campaign. Bomb Girls has so many more stories to tell; the fans know it, the writers know it, and the actors know it. Apparently Global TV didn’t, which is why we wanted to make them believe it.

Global TV announced their 2013/14 lineup on June 5, and by not including Bomb Girls in it, they demonstrated that they didn’t appear to have any interest in developing the show further than the TV movie they announced. In spring 2014, this 2-hour movie aired in Canada and the US to wrap up some of the loose ends. It is unlikely that further Bomb Girls episodes or movies will be produced in the future, although this has not been announced officially.

Even though we now know Global TV won’t be producing a third season of Bomb Girls, there are still things we can accomplish. We have a summary here of what you can do to support us.

The History of Save Bomb Girls

  • It all started with this banner to get fans to voice their disappointment at the cancellation.
  • The domain savebombgirls.com was registered and a website was set up to bundle the different activities, such as the online petitions and video campaign, and have a central place to focus our ideas.
  • The ‘Badger with Badges’ campaign was started for fans to mail Victory Munitions badges to Global offices.
  • The ‘Victory Bandanas’ campaign got off the ground with the ultimate goal of sending 1,000 printed bandanas to Global offices.
  • Amazingly, donations came in very quickly, and by mid-May we had enough money to get the 1,000 bandanas printed, which were then sent to Global TV.
  • Upon asking, the receipt of the bandanas was acknowledged by a generic Viewer Contact e-mail, but on June 5, Global announced their 2013/14 lineup, which didn’t include Bomb Girls. The 2-hour TV movie was confirmed again.
  • Save Bomb Girls kept collecting donations until June 20 via the fundrazr.com platform, with the goal of giving the symbolic amount of $1942 to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign charity.
  • On June 26, 2013, the amount of $2,200 was donated to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign in the name of Bomb Girls fans all around the globe.
  • On September 13, 2013, a new campaign—the Victory Garden Contest—was launched, where fans could win prizes if they write to the four targeted networks that could offer a new potential home for Bomb Girls.
  • On November 3, 2013 the V-MAIL campaign was launched to start a repository of thousands of online comments to reinforce the positive response to the show in hopes of another network picking it up.
  • On July 22, 2014, Save Bomb Girls sent out a printed version of over 10,000 individual comments (on 600 pages of paper) to the four networks we were targeting for potentially picking up the show.