Contest Postponed

Due to technical issues, we regret to inform you that the Victory Garden contest will only run for 1 week. Everyone who has entered is still eligible and we’re extending the deadline until Sat 21st 11.59pm EST for those who might have already written their letters but not yet had a chance to enter.

We will pick one runner up to get a season one DVD set and the overall winner can pick a prize of their choosing from the following: a signed script, signed Maureen Jenning’s novel or Bomb Girls gym bag.

Team SBG will reevaluate the mission and come back stronger than ever! Do not despair, we will not keep the remaining prizes (as much as we’d love to!) but we’ll feature them again when we relaunch.

Please accept our apologies but we’ll be back on the factory line in no time because like Lorna says, “the line waits for no one.”