March 8th Netflix Campaign


Tweet using #SaveBombGirls to @Netflix on March 8th

Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day. Wherever you are and whatever timezone, please make your voice heard! We’re having a mass tweet to @Netflix using the #SaveBombGirls hashtag to show how much we’d like Netflix to pick up the series for a third season.

Can’t tweet on March 8th?

Sign up to Tweetdeck or a similar service and schedule your tweet to go out on March 8th.


If you don’t have a twitter account but have Facebook, make your voice heard there instead by posting on this Netflix page on March 8th.

Want to be a hero?

We know you’re not trying to be heroes, you’re just trying to live your life, but for the bravest among you please email the Netflix execs directly:


NEIL HUNT, Chief Product Officer

TED SARANDOS, Chief Content Officer

Whilst the main focus is the mass tweet to @Netflix on March 8th, we are encouraging all fans to pitch in via whatever medium you can. Do your part, share the graphic above and call other fans up for duty!

Victory waits on your fingers!

(Oh, matron!)