Victory Bandanas: The Next Level!

Thank you so much, dear bombshells, for taking the Victory Bandana campaign to the next level! We cracked the $5,000 mark. You’re truly amazing.

Of course we’re still accepting donations. Even though we already have a fair chunk to to donate to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign, there’s always room for more. How great would it be if we could give them an amount that’s well in the 4-digit range?

We’re eagerly awaiting updates from the printer to hear when the actual printing process of our 1,000 bandanas will start. Shouldn’t be long now! We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime we’re pestering Global TV with more letters, postcards and messages. We hope you do the same!

There’s still a few Victory Bandanas for individual donors left. If you contribute CDN$25 or more, you can still get one—for as long as we have supplies. We’ll also be sending out the first Victory Bandanas to donors in a day or two!