Show off your Victory Bandana!

Our first batch of Victory Bandanas for individual donors was mailed this week! This includes North American as well as international donors, but those outside the US and Canada should allow some more time for overseas shipping.

Once you receive your bandana, please show it off! Post pictures of you wearing it, your friends, family or pets wearing it, or other places where you think it makes a great statement or serves as fitting decoration. Here’s how you can post them:

Please note that we may send the photos to the Shaw Media executives (either by e-mail or printed on paper) to demonstrate how much we want the show back on the air, so if you don’t want us to include your photo, please make sure to let us know!

The 1,000 bandanas that are going to Global TV are still in production (a large order like that takes a while), we will definitely keep you updated on the progress. That said, the fundraising goes on! It bears repeating that anything you give now goes to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign in support of the real life bomb girls that inspired the show.

At the time I’m typing this, we have eleven Victory Bandanas left for donors who give $25 or more, so here’s your last chance to still get one before they run out! If you’ve already given less than $25 before, you can combine your first donation with the second to receive a bandana of your own (please mention this with the donation).

Keep writing to Global/Shaw Media to let them know how unhappy you are about the cancellation and how much you want the show back. Encourage others to do the same! Why not drop them another e-mail, even if you’re already written? Show them that the Bomb Girls fans are a tenacious bunch!