Victory Bandana and V-MAIL Update

Some of you may have participated in our Victory Bandana campaign earlier this year, where we sent 1,000 bandanas to Global TV in protest of the cancellation. We’ve all wondered what kind of impact that might have made. Bomb Girls producer Janis Lundman recently gave a statement that gives us an answer, indicating that our response to the cancellation played a significant part in making Bomb Girls: The Movie happen:

“The network knew there was such a huge fan base for the show and they wanted to find a way to continue the story,” said Lundman from the set of the project, which has a working title of Bomb Girls: The Movie.

That’s very encouraging news, and reinforces the importance of writing to the networks and making our voices heard. Which brings us directly to the…


VMAIL_WishOnTheMoonWe are happy to report that our repository of online comments has grown considerably and steadily. An amazing 3,077 comments have been collected so far, thanks to our fearless volunteers who all put their shoulder to the wheel.

Since the file has become so big, we have now split it into parts of 1,000 comments each:  part 1part 2part 3part 4complete file

Please keep helping us by voicing your opinion about the show so that we can add your comment to our repository: