Bomb Girls Canadian Season 2 DVD set faulty

It’s been reported that the Canadian season 2 DVD set currently in stores has two errors: The English audio track in episode 5 (on disc 2) is actually French—thus no English audio, and in episode 10 (on disc 4) the audio and video in the very last scene is out of sync.

If you already bought a set, there’s a good chance it’s going to be defective as well. The distributor Imavision hasn’t issued a statement yet. If you’d like to send a complaint or a request to replace your faulty discs, this is their e-mail address: (If you’re disappointed about the lack of extras on the season 2 DVDs, please add that to your complaint since it was Imavision who made this decision.)

In the meantime, has already pulled the season 2 DVD set from their stock. If you’re thinking about buying it, we would recommend that you wait until this has been sorted out because it’s likely that the whole first batch of DVD boxes is affected.