Live tweeting session and a fabulous video

In honour of British network ITV3 airing the season 2 premiere of Bomb Girls tonight, there’s going to be a live tweeting session today. Please join us, even if you’ve already seen the episode or if it’s not airing in your country. And why not fire up your DVD player and rewatch episode 2×01 with us at the same time?

We’ll be gathering on Twitter at 10pm GMT (i.e. 11pm CET, 5pm ET, 2pm PT). Use the hashtag #BombGirls and #SaveBombGirls to join our conversations. It’s gonna be fun!

Secondly, let us share the video that the fabulous HappyHello_ASH made. We second her all the way, and can’t say it often enough: Please write to the networks and encourage them to pick up Bomb Girls!