Today’s updates come in fours

  1. We realized today that it’s Muse Entertainment and not Global TV who is largely responsible for the Bomb Girls DVD release. We’re trying to evaluate what their plans are for season 2, but if you want to write to them to say you are looking forward to the season 2 DVD box and a great set of extras, we’re certainly not going to stop you. 🙂
  2. You’re also free to keep writing to Global to encourage them about the Bomb Girls movie and ask them to advertise and market it the way it deserves. We now have templates if you don’t wish to write your own text.
  3. Our fundraiser surpassed the $6k mark yesterday. You guys rock! Keep the donations coming, just $120 to go until we reach our symbolic $1942 target for our Ajax Bomb Girls charity donation.
  4. I’m gonna save the best for last, because Michael MacLennan, showrunner extraordinaire, tweeted this today:
It’s a true joy to hear that the movie is coming along, and that we’ve all managed to inspire it. Thank you, Michael! That really means a lot. (By the way, D1 means Draft 1.)