There are several ways for you to support Save Bomb Girls.

Pitching the Show to Other Networks

We encourage everyone to write to three different networks that could potentially pick up Bomb Girls for a third season: Canadian networks  CTV and City, as well as the US-based streaming content provider Netflix. Here’s everything you need to ask the targeted networks to give the show a new home in one of their upcoming seasons:


Write to Shaw Media and Global TV, because they need to see just how many fans think cancelling the show was a bad idea. Tell them you really love the show and encourage them to produce another season or at least another TV movie. You can use one of our template texts if you don’t wish to write your own.

This can be done by e-mail, but would be more effective if you actually sent something physical in the mail, like a letter or postcard. You can find the contact details for Shaw/Global here. We originally had postcards and template texts to send to Global, but those were aimed at Global getting to renew the show, which we now know will not be happening.


If you wish to strengthen your point when you write to Global, why not include a Victory Munitions badge with your letter? Please check the ‘Badger with Badges’ campaign for details.


There’s a petition at and another one at You can still sign them, although Global has now decided that they will not produce a third season of Bomb Girls.


If you’ve done all of this, it would help greatly if you talked about our campaigns and, more importantly, got more people involved. There is power in numbers, and we’ll need as many as we can get. Go on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, etc. and spread the word. If you see people complaining about the cancellation, point them to Print posters and put them up around your college campus. Tell friends, family, and fans in other fandoms. Every little bit helps.


In order to make a statement, we collected money to send boxes with a total of 1,000 printed bandanas to Global TV. We sent the 1,000 bandanas to Global in May, and raised an amazing extra $2,200 that we have donated to charity in the name of the Bomb Girls fans. If you want to read more about it, please go to the ‘Victory Bandanas’ campaign page. We’ve also launched the V-MAIL campaign that combined over 10,000 individual online comments about the show in one repository. Tell people just how amazing the Bomb Girls fans are to spread the appreciation for the show.