The Victory Garden – Plant the Seed

In September 2013, we launched our Victory Garden campaign to encourage fans to write to four different networks that could potentially pick up Bomb Girls for a third season: Canadian networks CBC, CTV and City, as well as the US-based streaming content provider Netflix. Due to technical difficulties, the contest was stopped after the first week. Our lucky contestant Shutterpunk won the signed script of the pilot episode.

Of course everyone is still encouraged to write to CBC, CTV, City and Netflix and ask them to pick up the show. We’ve still got a show to save!

And rest assured, the remaining prizes won’t just collect dust on a shelf. We’ll be back with a new contest at a later time, so stick around for your chance to win a signed script, a Bomb Girls gym bag or a signed Tom Tyler novel.

The initial contest details are below:

It’s time we got back into action – and this time we’re rolling up our sleeves and pulling our garden gloves on! The aim of our next campaign is to plant the seed for a third season with other Canadian networks, in this case CBC, CTV and City. In addition we will also be targeting Netflix, who is strongly investing in more original content.

The goal is simple: write to the networks and tell them just how much you’d love to see a third season of Bomb Girls in their 2014 lineup! Tell them what you love about the show and why you think it’s successful and special.

We’d like to encourage you to use our ‘Save Bomb Girls because…’ card or other postcards when you write to the networks. While you can e-mail the network execs, please send a letter or postcard as well. We’ll make much more of an impact if their mail rooms are flooded with messages from Bomb Girls fans!

The addresses for CBC, CTV, City and Netflix are here. We also have template texts for you if you wish to use them.

Become ‘Bombshell of the Week’ and Win a Special Prize

For the next 3 weeks, we will be running a ‘Bombshell of the Week’ contest, where you can win a Canadian Bomb Girls Season 1 DVD set (region-free) every week. At the end of the three weeks, there will be a prize draw among all contestants, with the following prizes:

Click here to find out how you can enter!

* Beware This Boy is a novel about an explosion in a bomb factory in Birmingham, England during World War II. Maureen Jennings, creative consultant for Bomb Girls, drew a lot of inspiration for the concept of Bomb Girls from researching and writing this novel.

Last but not least, we have a newsreel about our Victory Garden contest, please share it with all your friends!