Season 1 US DVD Release

Fans in the US have reason to rejoice, according to the US version of the season 1 DVD set will come out on September 3. They offer it for pre-order at currently just $17.49. It’s as of yet unclear whether there’s going to be any extras on the DVD set, but we’d go as far as speculating that the extras are either going to be the same or less than on the Canadian set (i.e. two episode commentaries and a 45 min. Behind-the-Scenes feature).

We’d also like to mention the wonderful support we’re getting from cast and crew, as evidenced by their encouraging tweets on Sunday. Thank you so much, we are truly honoured, and will keep doing our best to save the show.

Website update notice:
A whole bunch of stills and other photos have been added to the Image Gallery over the last few days.