Save Bomb Girls donates over $2,000 to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign

We didn’t believe it possible, but the help of our wonderful Bombshells made it possible! Not only did we raise enough money to send 1,000 Victory Bandanas to Global TV, we collected an amazing additional amount of $2,200 that we have donated to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign in the name of Bomb Girls fans everywhere.

The donation was made on June 26, 2013, as a community pledge via the Ajax Bomb Girls’ web portal. This cheque is a visual representation of our donation! We would like to thank all of you again from the bottom of our hearts, because this would not have been possible without your support.

So what’s next?

We’re working on ideas and will reveal our strategy over the next few weeks. We hope you will stick with us throughout the summer, and then return with a bang when it counts, so that we can get other networks to save our show. We’ve still got a war to win!