No Season 3, but a 2-Hour TV Movie for Bomb Girls

News from the front is in, and it’s not what we hoped. Global TV has announced their 2013/2014 schedule: A third season of Bomb Girls will not be going ahead. The 2-hour Bomb Girls TV movie they announced together with the cancellation in April was confirmed today. It is said to be “coming this winter”.

This is a disappointment, but it’s a time to focus on everything we have accomplished in the past six weeks. Fans have pulled together and made their voices heard—from mailing campaigns to a fundraiser that achieved more than five times its initial goal and resulted in close to $2,000 for donation to charity. Our many social media posts and love letters to the show demonstrated not only to Global TV but also to the creators, cast and crew just how much the show meant to us.

In short, we made it impossible to ignore us, and in that, at least, we succeeded. Though Global was stingy with acknowledgement, and it may seem they didn’t listen to us at all, we know that they had to see us—we sent 1,000 bandanas to their offices!

Global will not be producing a third season, but the TV movie will give the writers a chance to resolve storylines they left hanging and—hopefully—give us the closure we crave. That’s a privilege that a lot of other cancelled TV shows will never get. Michael Prupas, President and CEO of Muse Entertainment, has said that “what we are trying to do, going ahead with this movie, is to ensconce Bomb Girls as an iconic show, so hopefully we can come back to the characters at some later stage. Keeping the title alive is important to us. We hope it will have a future.” (The Globe and Mail; Apr. 26, 2013)

What can we do now? For the most part, keep doing what we have been doing. Keep writing to Global and Shaw.

  • Let’s ask for Global/Shaw to produce DVDs of Season 2, so that the show can be immortalized as it very much deserves to be.
  • Let’s reinforce Global’s decision to produce the 2-hour TV movie and prove our willingness to watch it.
  • Let’s continue spreading Bomb Girls through friends, family, and social media, making sure that as many people as possible watch the movie when it airs.

And most of all, let’s keep putting our trust in the amazing creative team behind Bomb Girls, because perhaps the best is yet to come!