Help us reach the magic number of $1942!

Global TV hasn’t confirmed the Bomb Girls movie or their 2013-2014 schedule yet. We say: Keep the pressure on them. Keep writing and telling them how much you want the show to be renewed. Ask them what they thought of 1,000 Victory Bandanas showing up on their doorstep.

At this point in time we have $1,485 raised towards the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign, which is amazing! Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if we could donate $1,942—an amount that is significant to Bomb Girls?

Season 2 was set in 1942, a year when the war was not going well for the Allies. Even though things were tough, real Bomb Girls were still fighting. However for our Bomb Girls, 1942 is the year the war ended and Global TV surrendered. An overall charity donation of $1,942 sends the signal that the fans still care and won’t give up before the war is won.

Please note that we have a few more Victory Bandanas up for grabs for donors who give $25 or more, so keep those donations coming!