Save Bomb Girls Presents: The Victory Garden Contest!

Will you have a part in victory? Starting today, we proudly present our latest campaign to save our beloved show. Bomb Girls needs YOU to help pitch the show to other networks, and to show them just how much of an asset Bomb Girls would be among their 2014/15 lineup. We’re calling all Bombshells into active duty to ensure victory!

Your efforts may be rewarded, because everyone who enters our Victory Garden Contest gets the chance to win a Bomb Girls Season 1 DVD set and one of four fabulous main prizes, such as a Bomb Girls gym bag or a script signed by the creators.

For more details, check out our Victory Garden Contest page, which will tell you more about the contest and how you can enter.

Please help us spread the word by telling everyone you know about our Victory Garden Contest. Show off our newsreel below and make it go viral.

Put your shoulders to the wheel and dig on for victory! We’ve got a show to save!