Bomb Girls: The Movie – That’s a wrap!

It’s a bit of a bittersweet day when the Bomb Girls production team announced today that principal photography for Bomb Girls: The Movie has wrapped. Check out the official Twitter and Facebook for lots of photos and statements from the set during the last few weeks. There have been many sad moments, like Meg Tilly posting photos of the dismantled Corbett house, or Ali Liebert’s puffy-eyed face after saying her goodbyes to the cast and crew. There’ve also been happy moments of reunions and birthday celebrations or high-waisted pants. It’s been a fun ride for the fans, following all the on-set shenanigans despite the cancellation’s bitter aftertaste that still reverberates.

There’s more waiting in store now—first and foremost for Global TV to announce an airdate. Word of mouth is that it might be around February or March 2014. So take a deep breath, Bombshells, and be encouraged to produce many fan fictions, animated GIFs and fanart until then to tide us over into the new year. And most importantly: Keep sending us your V-MAIL so that we can expand our collection and let the networks know just how much the show is loved by fans all over the world!

And just for those who are getting excited to see Bomb Girls on the big screen, sadly we’re not talking about a theatrical feature film. Bomb Girls: The Movie will be a 90-minute TV movie (2 hours if you add commercials) to air on Canadian network Global TV. It will not be coming to cinemas, as much we’d all like to see that. There’s no word yet on whether Reelz or any other non-Canadian network will be airing it at a later point in time.