Bomb Girls Season 2 now on Netflix (and a Word Puzzle)

US viewers will now have the chance to watch Bomb Girls season 2 on Netflix. It has been added to their streaming content, but only in the United States. Please share this and tell everyone you know. There may be a slight chance that Netflix could save Bomb Girls, so the more views season 2 gets, the better!

To mark the occasion, we’ve created a puzzle for you to have a little fun; just click this link for our word search. We’re making it very hard by not telling you the words, though they are all Bomb Girls related: character names, foodstuffs, maybe a quote here and there. There’s also a few words in there which, when put together, form a top secret phrase. If you’d like to play and have a Facebook account, come join us in our Facebook group and post the words you find.