10,000 Victory Mail Messages to Save Bomb Girls


VMAIL_WishOnTheMoon_140402Victorious! 10,000 messages of support for the girls to continue their journey! Bombshells came out in full force over the past week to do their part. Following a flurry of online activity from passionate fans anticipating Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy, we at Save Bomb Girls added all your incredible comments, tweets and messages for more Bomb Girls into V-MAIL, our huge online repository.

We are so pleased to announce that the 10,000 mark has been reached. Thank you to all the dedicated fans who have put their shoulders to the wheel.

Your voices are loud and clear, and we will be sending this announcement to the executives at Global TV and other TV networks, in the hopes of getting another movie out of it, or perhaps even of another network picking up the show. Our fight’s not quite over yet.