Badger With Badges Campaign

Badger with BadgesThis was one of the campaigns we started after Global TV announced the cancellation in April, which was meant for fans to mail as many Victory Munitions badges to Global TV as possible to let them know how badly we want the show renewed.

Now that Global has announced their 2013/14 schedule, we know that Bomb Girls won’t be renewed for a third season, but that we’ll get a TV movie to wrap up loose ends.

What we can do now is to tell Global that, while we’re disappointed they cancelled the show, we have a vested interest in the TV movie and want them to advertise it properly when it comes out. If you’d like to include a Victory Munitions badge with your letter to strengthen your message, you’re certainly encouraged to do so. Here’s how:

Download the Victory Munitions badge template right here (or the PDF version here). Then you have to print it and make it into a badge. (More detailed instructions here.) All you need is a printer, paper, and a piece of string.

Once you’ve printed your badge, perhaps also put a personal message on the back, stick it in an envelope, and mail it to Global TV at the address below. That’s it.

Global Television
attn. Susan Alexander
121 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3M5