Victory Bandanas

What it's all about
The point of our Victory Bandanas campaign was to deliver a large number of printed bandanas to the Global TV offices to demonstrate how much we believe this show deserves saving.

Our goal was to raise CDN$4,000 by May 10 to send a total of 1,000 Victory Bandanas to Global. That target was reached two days before the deadline! The 1,000 bandanas went into production in mid-May, and have been sent to Global TV. We have confirmation that the bandanas arrived at the end of May, and Global TV is evaluating what charity they could give them to.

However, that doesn’t mean that the fundraising has stopped. We are still encouraging donations. Every additional dollar raised now will be donated to the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign charity (see below). We currently have over $1500 to give to the Ajax Bomb Girls Campaign, but wouldn't it be great if we could up this to a number that is signifcant for the show: $1942? It's for a good cause, so please keep at it!

Our charity of choice
We chose the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign, who wish to create a memorial for the real bomb girls who sacrificed everything for the war effort. The Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign have been an enthusiastic supporter of Bomb Girls television show, and the creative minds behind Bomb Girls have been an enthusiastic supporter of Ajax. It's a partnership that we want to honour.

What do I receive if I donate?
Donors who contribute CDN$25 or more will receive their own Victory Bandana (irrespective of country of residence). If you wish to donate less than $25, that's perfectly fine and very much appreciated, but you won't be eligible to receive a bandana.

If you've already received a Victory Bandana, use it to make a statement! Post pictures wearing it, hanging it as a sign, cute pets sporting them, etc. Creativity is welcomed! We already received a number of great submissions, which you can view in our Victory Bandana gallery:

If you want to have your own bandana added to the collection, this is how to do it:

Our bandana of choice
We chose a blue bandana to represent the blue turbans our Bomb Girls wear. Additionally, the turban is a symbol of the sacrifice, bravery and strength that history's bomb girls displayed at a time when the world needed them the most.

I don't have a lot to spare, can I still help?
It's not necessary that you donate large sums of money. Every little bit counts, even a donation of a dollar or two will be welcomed. Give what you can. The more money we raise now, the more we will be able to donate to charity in the name of the wonderful Bomb Girls fans.

Yes, I want to join the fight! Where do I donate?
Go to our fundraising website, which you can find here: You can also use the widget on the right. It's easy to donate, just click the 'Give' button, but note you will need either a credit or debit card or a PayPal account.

Please spread the word and get more people to donate. We have a banner you can use to advertise the campaign (short URL:

History of the campaign so far
When we initially discussed the concept of raising money to get bandanas printed, and realized it would cost several thousand dollars to do so, our first reaction was, “That’s crazy!” With a fandom that’s sized at the lower end of the spectrum, how would we find enough people who’d be willing to donate that amount of money?

But then we figured, what the heck, we’d give it a shot. And how we were proven wrong! At first we planned to raise a minimum of CDN$1,000 in order to deliver 200 bandanas as a message to Global. Amazingly, we reached that target in under 12 hours, and another $1,000 for a total of 500 bandanas came in over the next 12 hours.

It was then that we knew we could really pull this off. A deadline of May 10 was set to get to $4,000, which would enable us to send 1,000 bandanas to Global TV offices. And lo and behold, that target was reached two days early.

So here we are, the bandanas are printed and shipped, and we’ll be making a statement so bold that it has Betty McRae written all over it. Let’s raise a glass to the unbridled power of the Bomb Girls fandom!

If you have any questions, please contact us at