“Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy” takes home three Canadian Screen Awards

Even two years after its cancellation, Bomb Girls still brings home more television awards. This weekend Bomb Girls won the following three Canadian Screen Awards:

  • Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series: Jodi Balfour
  • Best Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series: Ali Liebert

Congratulations to everyone, well done!

“Bomb Girls – Facing the Enemy” nominated for Canadian Screen Award

Today we heard the wonderful news that the TV movie Bomb Girls – Facing the Enemy has received five Canadian Screen Awards nominations in the following categories:

  • Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series: Jodi Balfour
  • Best Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series: Ali Liebert
  • Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series: Eric Cayla
  • Best Achievement in Make-up: Katarina Chovanec & Eva Coudouloux

“Bomb Girls: Facing The Enemy” coming to Netflix

The official Bomb Girls Facebook just recently announced that the Facing The Enemy TV movie will finally come to Netflix in the US:

To our US fans who have been waiting for Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy to arrive on Netflix your wait is almost over! The movie will be added to Netflix US later this month. You may see it listed as Bomb Girls Season 3, that’s just how Netflix organizes their content. Happy streaming!

We don’t know if a DVD release is also planned, but we’ll keep you updated on any news we might hear about it.

Bomb Girls: Facing The Enemy airs in UK!

Great news for the UK Bombshells! Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy airs this Sunday, Oct 12 at 12.40am on ITV3. Tune in if you can!

Facing the Enemy is a 90-minute TV movie Global TV produced in late 2013 to wrap up loose ends from season 2. Sadly, there will not be a third season, and it’s unclear whether more Bomb Girls TV movies will be made.

Announcing: Your V-MAIL now in print!

As trusty followers of Save Bomb Girls will know, Team Save Bomb Girls has been collecting your messages of love and hope for the continuation of Bomb Girls ever since the fight began over a year ago. Some of you may have seen the electronic versions we’ve published at regular intervals, but we’re happy to announce that our collection of V-MAIL is now also in print!

The complete repository is the culmination of hard work by Team Save Bomb Girls and fans alike, spanning messages we have collected between April 2013 and this month that pay testament to our love for the show. The result was a hefty stack of 600 pages of paper containing well over 10,000 individual messages, which is the integral part of four separate V-MAIL packages (see photos below). One of each is now on its way to the TV networks that represented potential homes for the continued series or more TV movies.

Over the course of more than a year, fans of Bomb Girls have sent hundreds upon hundreds of letters, postcards, emails, and packages to the people in charge—a touching exchange that communicated the impact Bomb Girls has had on the world. As much as the show has brought into our lives, so have we given back. To each and every fan of Bomb Girls, each and every follower of Save Bomb Girls, we say: Well done and thank you.

Carry on!

“Facing The Enemy” Reminder

Just a quick reminder that Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy airs in the US on May 26 on REELZChannel. While the banner says 9pm ET/6pm PT, the Reelz website says 9pm ET/8pm PT. Please check your local listings to be sure about the airtime.

In the meantime while you wait for the day to come, why don’t you take the quiz to find out which VicMu position would be right for you.

Save Bomb Girls is one year old!


Save Bomb Girls is proud to celebrate our one year website anniversary today!

If you wanted to give us the best birthday present you possibly could, please spare a few minutes of your time and let the networks know just how much you love the show and wish they’d pick it up to continue the legacy of Bomb Girls.

Pitch the Show to Other Networks

We encourage everyone to write to three different networks that could potentially pick up Bomb Girls for a third season: Canadian networks  CTV and City, as well as the US-based streaming content provider Netflix. Here’s everything you need to ask the targeted networks to give the show a new home in one of their upcoming seasons:


Write to Shaw Media and Global TV, because they need to see just how many fans think cancelling the show was a bad idea. Tell them you really love the show and encourage them to make another movie. You can use one of our template texts if you don’t wish to write your own. This can be done by e-mail, but would be more effective if you actually sent something physical in the mail, like a letter or postcard. You can find the contact details for Shaw/Global here.

In the meantime, we’re getting ready to put all your wonderful V-MAIL messages on paper and send a hefty package to all the networks to reinforce just how much the show is loved across the globe. Stay tuned for further status updates of Project V-MAIL.